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Record setting LIKES on PANAMÁ: The Musical Facebook site

 Over 100 Likes in 2 days!!! WOW - that is awesome - thank you to everyone - please keep sending this to your friends and family - commercial producers are monitoring the success of the site - and we hope to impress them so much they agree to come on board and produce this show in London and New York. GO PANAMA GO!!!!

Send this link to your friends:


URGENT: Do you know a Judy Gordon?

 Judy Gordon is in hospital and not able to provide medical information - if you know her, please call The Panama Helpline immediately 6599-3122 - or contact her friend Deborah Lunsford ASAP. Judy is not a PHL member - otherwise we could have provided her medical information to the doctors.


Lindy Hop dancers needed in Ontario

 Lindy Hop dancers needed for Kickstarter video shooting Sunday Sept 11th in Picton, Ontario for an exciting new show PANAMÁ: The Musical


How To Piss Off A Panamanian

This was published by Habla Ya Panama and reprinted with permission:

How To Piss Off A Panamanian

 1. Assume you know what the Panama Papers are.


Not all flu vaccines are the same

A correction:


It should be noted that there is no flu shot for the Zika virus at this time. The vaccine is for the H1N1 I believe.

There are many different strains of flu virus and one vaccine will not help for all viruses.

The rest of your advise is excellent.

Thank you.




 PANAMÁ:THE MUSICAL IS UNDERWAY - The script is done, the music is in final production, and shooting for a Jan 3rd Kickstarter campaign is taking place Sept 11th - to keep up on all the news, click on:


Deficit down, GDP the envy of other countries

 PANAMA’S deficit in the non-financial public sector in the first half of the year was fell to $519 million compared with the $647 million deficit in the first half of last year and GDP projections coninue to be the envy of most countries.


700 tons of garbage from Panama City dumped into ocean every year

 From Newsroom Panama

THIRTY PERCENT of the garbage produced each day in Panama City, ends up being dumped in the ocean, according to the United Nations Program for the Environment (UNEP) and the Ministry of the Environment.

That amounts to 700 tons, the majority of which is plastic, an element that moves back into the food chain and takes 400 years to decompose.


Eating salmon may help bowel cancer

 People with bowel cancer may improve their survival chances by eating a lot of omega 3 fatty acids found in oily fish like tuna and salmon, a study suggested Wednesday.


Battle lines drawn on sex education

 WITH OVER 1000, child teen pregnancies a month and a dramatic increase in sexually transmitted diseases, 15 civil organizations, faced with ongoing opposition from church authorities, have banded together to support the law on sexual and reproductive education now before the National Assembly.


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