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Positive Review of Uruguay

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 Sasha from Uruguay provides a positive review of his country. Roberto

Dear Roberto, I'm sorry for the rudeness some people from my country have commented with, it's a shame that having the opportunity to make our people look good, they decide to act so rude and insulting.

I, being Uruguayan, understand what you mean. It is a very expensive country to live in. (I'm an upper-class citizen, and last time my grandparents showed me the bills, I nearly fainted). But you have to understand it mostly the goverment's fault when it comes to this matter (Well, as well as the general stupid population who votes for them).

Uruguay is nowhere near a successful socialistc country, though it's trying to acheive that.

It's very hard for people from the middle class to put up with this, and we're well aware of what's going on.

I do believe however, that there are some positives in Uruguay.

Ignoring the idiots who commented in this article, most Uruguayans are polite and will try to help you. Though in general, their English is pitiful, you will find some decent English speakers, and those who can't speak English so well will usually try to speak it to be able to communicate with you.

The nature is very beautiful, especially on the interior of the country, hopefully you had visited the great caves in Arequita, if you missed that, you missed out on a lot.

The Sierras of Minas are gorgeous, as well as Cabo Polonio and some of the beaches.

The Uruguayan population might seem a bit depressing, especially in Montevideo, but you have to understand the majority of the population here isn't young, and those who are young (like myself) are eager to leave, though I'm not leaving for economical reasons, I want to leave because I find this country so boring.

The goverment we have is alsto trying to brainwash the people into thinking Americans are evil (depsite the fact you have helped us a lot), but living in this country for years, (And I've been to first world countries, including the U.S., and stayed there for a month, at least) I can tell you you're being very negative, perhaps your experience wasn't so great, and I'm sorry it had to be that way.

Cheers. Sasha

Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 October 2012 14:07  

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