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What is PANAMA: THE MUSICAL about?

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Here is a summary of our story:

It's 1927 - The World War is over - the stock market crash is two years away. Life is grand. Babe Ruth just hit his record setting 60th home run... the world cheers as Charles Lindbergh becomes the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic. 

The Lindy Hop craze sweeps the globe. Women are cutting their hair into bobs, shortening their skirts and experiencing a sexual revolution never experienced before.

CaraMia and her twelve year old sister Melody are born into this tropical cocoon called The Panama Canal Zone - protected by the US military, and prohibition is strictly enforced. Her Poppa is a Cuban engineer working on the Canal. Her mother, a former cabaret star.

Right next door is the delicious decadence of Casco Viejo - where drinking is legal, gambling is legal, prostitution is legal - and these two worlds are separated only by a thin wire fence.

CaraMia dreams of hearing her songs on this new thing called "radio". She is in love with a Panamanian musician, despite her mother's disapproval.

When her Poppa suddenly dies, they must leave the Zone and make their own way in the dangerous streets of Casco Viejo.
Poppa left the family heavily indebted to the local brothel/cabaret.  Her momma sells her to the cabaret owner to keep herself out of debtor's prison.

CaraMia and her boyfriend Nikko win a songwriting contest to record her songs in New York with a new company called RCA.

The brothel owner threatens her that if she leaves to New York, he will force her little sister to pay off the debt working behind the red doors of the brothel.

CaraMia must decide to follow her dreams of true love and radio stardom or stay behind and try to save her sister...

And if you want to find out what happens, you'll have to buy a ticket...

World Première in English on Thursday February 1, 2018 at the Ateneo Theatre (Ciudad de Saber - across from the Miaflores Visitor's Centre) in Panama City.

Written by Yolanda van der Kolk-Brown and T Rob Brown, Music & Lyrics by Tara Van Der Kolk and Yolanda van der Kolk-Brown

Directed by Aaron Zebede 

Last Updated on Sunday, 23 April 2017 16:36  
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