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Preventing the mosquito bite

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 Why is it that mosquitoes seem to really like biting some people but leave others alone?

Well, scientists are discovering there are many reasons why some people are “sweeter” to the blood-sucking pests than others.

Explanations include:

Your body scent. Everyone’s skin is covered in different combinations of bacteria. The bacteria all produce different chemicals and it appears that these chemical combinations have a lot to do with whether or not a person is more attractive to a mosquito than another person.

Exercising. The pests are attracted to warmer body temperatures, which people get when they exercise. Plus, the fact that people sweat when they exercise probably also doesn’t help, which leads to the next reason….

Sweat. Sweat is a key attractant to mosquitoes because of the lactic acid we emit from our sweat glands. Studies have shown that mosquitoes are more attracted to older sweat (likely as the lactic acid build up is stronger). That’s another reason to shower after exercise!

Our breath. We exhale carbon dioxide when we breath, and unfortunately, mosquitoes are drawn to the CO2. Those that exhale more CO2 will be more attractive to the insects. This last point is probably why beer drinkers are singled out too. See the next point…

Beer drinkers. It appears that drinking beer will make you more of a tasty meal. Maybe it’s because after drinking, a person may breathe more heavily?

With all these explanations, it would seem we've got a challenge ahead if we want to keep mosquitoes from biting us!

EDITOR: To prevent no-seeums biting, drink 1/4 ounce of Braggs Apple Cider Vinager (with the mother) in a glass of juice, or rub it on your skin, or put it on your salad - it is also great way to relieve acid indigestion!! 

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