First two costumes under construction

Written by T. Rob Brown (aka Roberto Chocolate) Tuesday, 07 February 2017 15:17

 The first two costumes have been purchased and are being replicated by sculpture artist Michael Rutland. These incredible one-of-a-kind Panamanian Diablo masks include

 the Diablo Sucios - or dirty devils - and Diablo Limpios - or clean devils. These devils will fight for the soul of our heroine’s Poppa.

Michael’s challenge is to recreate these masterpieces in rubber to withstand stage fights, strikes by wooden staffs, acrobatics, and repeated wear on stage. He must build his masks over a protective helmet (middle) so the performers can do summersaults, rolls and flips - and not get knocked out when hit by sticks!

The first two costumes have been sponsored on the Kickstarter campaign by Bill and and Diane Gibson, and Ken Mclaughlan of Re/Max Hallmark Toronto - we still need 5 more authentic Panamanian costumes - to see the photos go to ADOPT A COSTUME (