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What is PANAMA: THE MUSICAL about?

Here is a summary of our story:

It's 1927 - The World War is over - the stock market crash is two years away. Life is grand. Babe Ruth just hit his record setting 60th home run... the world cheers as Charles Lindbergh becomes the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic. 


A Religious Joke for Easter

 An old man has been standing in line at the pearly gates for so long, when he gets to the front, he can't remember his name for St. Peter to look up in the Big Book.

Peter doesn't know what to do, so he gets Jesus to help him figure it out.


An Oldie but a Goodie

 A burglar broke into a home.

He heard a soft voice say, "Jesus is watching you." Thinking it was his imagination, he continued his search.


Please conserve electricity as much as possible

 PANAMA’S POWER supply is still fragile and the Government has again called on the population to go easy with electricity consumption, while the transmission authority, Etesa, continues efforts to regularize the supply.


8 new lanes, a 4th bridge and a high speed train out of Panama City coming

A fourth bridge over the canal, eight - count 'em - EIGHT new traffic lanes, and a high speed train out of Panama City will be done within next 2 years. Now that should help releive traffic jams. More from Newsroom Panama:


Preventing the mosquito bite

 Why is it that mosquitoes seem to really like biting some people but leave others alone?


Canada legalizes pot

 Here is the complete explanation of the rules for marijuana use in Canada.


Free films at IFF Panama

Here is a list of films you can enjoy FREE at The International Film Festival of Panama!!


Here is the full IFF Panama film schedule


Importing a vehcice into Panama

 Q: I have a Chevy van I want to bring to Panama. Can you reccomend someone to assist with that?


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