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101 Exciting Things to do in Panama! - 59-65: Province of Colon

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101 Exciting Things to do in Panama!
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33-44: Casco Viejo
45-53: Near Panama City
54-56: Kuna Yala Comarca
57-58: Province of Darien
59-65: Province of Colon
66-70: Province of Cocle
71-74: El Valle de Anton
75-80: Province of Veraguas
81: Province of Herrera
82-84: Province of Los Santos
85: Ngobe Bugle Comarca
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59-65: Province of Colon


59) Take the historic one-hour train from the Pacific to the Atlantic (train first built in 1850) from Panama City (departs 7:15 a.m) to Colon (return departs 5:15 P..M. ). Visit the second largest Free Trade Zone in the  world (second only to  Hong Kong) Over 2,000 companies on 400 hectares, it is the largest cargo storage and distribution center in The  Americas. Over $11 billion in imports/exports and over 250,00 visitors go  through The Free Trade Zone each year - primarily wholesale. The Zona Libre is not geared for consumer shopping. You need a permit to enter and goods must be shipped to the airport (at a charge) arriving at the  airport on your departure date. Best to go to Colon 2000, the smaller duty free mall geared for cruise ship shoppers and tourists. The road to Colon is being rebuilt - it is great for 1/3 of the way - terrible after that.


60) Scuba dive Portobello. About 100 km from Panama City. Turn right at the Rey Supermarket in Sabanitas. DO NOT go into Colon - unless on a tour. It is dangerous for tourists. Try to find Sir Frances Drake's lead-  lined coffin, buried at sea on Jan. 28, 1596, supposedly filled with treasure. Pieces of eight, shipwrecks and plunging rock walls are all here to be discovered. Scuba Panama offers diving, dining and sleeping cabins,  equipment rentals, dive classes and fishing. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Tel: In Panama: 261-4064/261-3841. In Portobello: 448- 2147


OR for a Caribbean taste, continue on to Isla Grande - stay at the Bananas Village Resort. ($70 - $100) E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Tel: 263- 9510, 263- 9766

Boats ($4) from shore run all day into the early evening. Pay the $4 parking, but don't leave anything in your car.


61) Visit the Church and Museum of The Black Christ. Iglasia del San Felipe, built 1814 (bell tower finished 1945 - welcome to the Caribbean where EVERYTHING is slower paced) Life-sized effigy of the nazarene of  Portobello - better know as  The Black Christ. The alter is adorned with golden images of utensils used in the crucifixion - nails, instruments of torture, and the dice Roman soldiers threw to determine who won his  robes. Behind the church is Museo del Cristo Negro de Portobello which displays 63 robes used in the festival, some of which are over one hundred years old.$1 adults, .25 cents children 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Mon. - Fri.  8:30 - 3 p.m./ Saturdays and Sundays.


62) Try fresh-water fly fishing on Gatun Lake contact John Shyne, Panama Yacht Tours. trips to San Blas, Isla Coiba, Bahia Pina and The Pearl Islands available. Office: Calle D off Via Veneto opposite The Expats  Center. E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Tel: 263- 5044/Cell: 6614-1114


63) Sleep with the birds and the monkeys at the Canopy Tower, a former radar station in the middle of the Soberania National Park. Fourth floor observation lounge/restaurant/library, six double rooms with hot water  ($150 for one bed with shared bathroom, $195- $220 per person/per night for suites + 5% tax. $300 deposit required) Gift shop. Meals and bird tour included. Watch ships pass by on the canal, and giant blue  iridescent Morpho butterflies flutter past your open windows. National Geographic's Top 50 Eco-Lodges in the World.

E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Tel: 264-5720/1 800 930- 3397


64) Stand where the pirates Francis Drake, Henry Morgan and Joseph Bradley all stood - on the top of the remains of Fort Lorenzo at the mouth of the Chagras River near Colon. Over 40 cannons, spectacular views.  Don't forget to stop at the lights on the swing bridge over the canal - they stop the cars to make way for the ships to pass into the canal! $5.00 entrance fee per car. Excellent roads. Worth the visit.


65) Walk the former Camino de Cruces trail, built in 1527 and paved with flat stones. It included a water route from Venta de Cruces to Fort Lorenzo. Over 400,000 49'ers used this route on their way to the California  Gold Rush. Prior to the creation of this trail, they used the Camino Real (the royal road) from Portobello to Panama City, this dirt mule trail was so rough that passengers carrying gold and silver from Peru and Pearls  from the Pearl Islands had to climb on their hands and knees. Described as a narrow, rugged and unprotected trail. This pirate and bandido infested forrest held so many dangers that few made the trip twice.


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