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101 Exciting Things to do in Panama! - 75-80: Province of Veraguas

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101 Exciting Things to do in Panama!
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1-32: Panama City
33-44: Casco Viejo
45-53: Near Panama City
54-56: Kuna Yala Comarca
57-58: Province of Darien
59-65: Province of Colon
66-70: Province of Cocle
71-74: El Valle de Anton
75-80: Province of Veraguas
81: Province of Herrera
82-84: Province of Los Santos
85: Ngobe Bugle Comarca
86-92: Province of Chiriqui
93-94: Province of Bocas del Toro
95-98: The Perl Islands
99-101: Anywhere & Everywhere
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75-80: Province of Veraguas


75) Stay on a floating hotel with Cebaco Bay Sportfishing Club's floating hotel/fishing vessel. This 115 foot mother-ship uses two other vessels to do the fishing, one a 31 foot and the other a 47 footer.

E:mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Tel: 316- 4027


76) Swim with the dolphins off Isla Iguana on the Azuero Peninsula near Pedasi. Over 40 hectares of protected coral reefs, over 4,800 years old. Over 200 different fish species, four different turtle types, dolphins, and  humpback whales. White sand beaches, clear waters, and one of the largest bird nesting sites in Panama. Famous for it's proliferation of iguanas the site is operated by a cooperative from the town of Pedasi. Tel: 883- 2165


77) Swim in a crystal-clear mountain lake. Listen to the cool breezes blowing through the pines or fish the tilapia-stocked waters of La Laguna Lake inside  Cope National Park. Lounge in the hot springs, swim in the  breathtaking  waterfalls or tour a coffee plantation in the spectacular mountain town La Yeguada. Start in Santiago. Take the mountain highway past Colobre. Ask where the road to La Yeguada begins. NOTE: 4 x 4  required on this very rough road, but the views and serenity of this lake in the mountains is worth  it.


78) Discover gold pre-Colombian artifacts along the river banks in Veraguas Province. One of the mysteries of Panama is where did the indigenous people smelt their gold? Many gold artifacts have been discovered, but  the actual smelting facilities have never been found. Almost any river in  Veraguas has the potential to have gold artifacts, especially more remote areas that have not been combed through by treasure hunters.


79) Scuba dive with manta rays, eagle rays, whale sharks and schools of tropical fish with or or


80) Go to prison. Tour the former Devil's Island-style penal colony on Coiba Island. This almost 15,000 hectare marine park encompasses two dozen islands and is a refuge of all kinds of wildlife including howler monkeys,  leatherback turtles, and tiger-herons. It has the second-largest coral reef in the eastern Pacific ocean. The waters are filled with really big fish - orcas, dolphins, whale sharks, manta rays, barracuda, amber-jacks, big  snappers, three different types of marlin, moray eels, white-tipped, hammerhead and tiger sharks. Sharks and mantas are especially common. In fact, prisoners were not locked up at night - instead the guards locked  themselves inside with their guns. The shark infested waters and surrounding jungles kept the  prisoners from straying too far. Diving here has been described as a cross between Galapagos Islands and Coco islands  in Costa rica. Go through the town of Horconcitos which is 40 kilometers south of David. From here there is a great, newly paved road to Boca Chica and a short fishing boat ride ($1/per person) to Isla Boca Brava.  Famous for it’s scuba diving and fishing, this is the lobster capital of Panama. ($5 for a fresh lobster from the fishermen at Playa Hermosa). The other great thing about this area is the dry season starts earlier here  than anywhere else in Panama - around November and ends at the same time in April. Panama Big Game Fishing Club., E-Mail:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Tel: 683- 0359  Toll Free USA (866) 281- 1225


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